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Identità della Torino Metropolitana

As part of its mobilization campaign, Torino Internazionale is promoting the project Identità della Torino Metropolitana, a photographic survey of the Torino metropolitan area by five photographers from Torino, selected to explore and give their interpretation of the metropolitan area.

ad Derapage Eyewear Campaign 2015

The new Derapage advertising campaign was shot in the most up-to-date cogeneration plant in Italy: the Iren Energia Torino Nord power station, which uses state-of -art technology for the simultaneous production of electricity and tele-heating, serving over 550,000 inhabitants. Inaugurated in 2011, the plant is fuelled exclusively by natural gas and provides a glimpse of the future in today’s townscape.


AcRolcar  S.r.l.

Tecnologia in evoluzione

Azienda che opera nel settore di ricambi

di Primo Impianto destinati all'After Market.

ad Derapage Eyewear Campaign 2013 Tornado ST / TEC e Molecube 100 / SUN

Case per dipendenti (Ivrea)

Luigi Figini e Gino Pollini, 1940

Gli appartamenti hanno una superficie di 220 mq. su tre piani fuori terra.

Ristrutturazione Arch. Cristina De Marco

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