ad Derapage Eyewear Campaign 2015

The new Derapage advertising campaign was shot in the most up-to-date cogeneration plant in Italy: the Iren Energia Torino Nord power station, which uses state-of -art technology for the simultaneous production of electricity and tele-heating, serving over 550,000 inhabitants. Inaugurated in 2011, the plant is fuelled exclusively by natural gas and provides a glimpse of the future in today’s townscape.

AcRolcar  S.r.l.

Ac Rolcar is the leading distributer on the international aftermarket. It is present in 40 countries and designs, manufactures and distributes window regulators. Its product catalogue continues to grow and is constantly updated with some 2,900 designed, engineered and tested window regulators.

ad Derapage Eyewear Campaign 2013 Tornado ST / TEC e Molecube 100 / SUN


offers a unique range of active and leisure wear knitted with Lora & Festa proprietary nano cashmere technology to deliver performance and elegance to discerning individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle and appreciate the quality and comfort of nature’s finest fibre, guaranteed by 125 years of passionate dedication by Lora&Festa to the production of products of the highest quality standards

Less than a Cube (2016)

photo + artwork

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Case per dipendenti (Ivrea)

Luigi Figini e Gino Pollini, 1940

Gli appartamenti hanno una superficie di 220 mq. su tre piani fuori terra.

Ristrutturazione Arch. Cristina De Marco

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Gestione Ambientale Integrata dell'Astigiano

> Polo trattamento rifiuti

_Impianto di Valorizzazione dei materiali da raccolta differenziata

_Impianto di Pretrattamnto dei RSU indifferenziati

> Discarica di Cerro Tanaro

_Rifiuti urbani non recuperabili

> Impianto di Compostaggio

Tecnau (Ivrea)

Complete solutions for Transactional, TransPromo,Direct Mail,Graphic Arts and Book on Demand markets

Ristrutturazione Arch. Cristina De Marco

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Production of top-quality labels

projects/ arch. Roberta Minici

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