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    Coes - Centro Oncologico ed Ematologico Subalpino - Torino

    Presidio Ospedaliero San Giovanni Antica Sede / Radioterapia SGAS  - Torino

    Presidio Ospedaliero San Giovanni Antica Sede (SGAS) / SC Anatomia

    ed Istologia Patologica 2 U - Torino

    Gruppo Examina  - Torino

    Affidea Nuova Lamp  - Torino

    Ospedale Regina Maria Adelaide - Torino

    Ospedale Molinette - Torino


    All these texts of methods of cancer management have  

    been selected by the NCBI - National Center for Bio

    technology Information - U.S. National Library of

    Medicine: Unproven Methods of Cancer book.

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